More than just a traditional site finish option, solid hardwoods offer unbeatable durability. For over 80 years, Denmark's Junckers Hardwood has been setting the international standard for quality solid hardwood. Chosen for high traffic areas including Heathrow airport, and art galleries around the world, Junckers is the ideal solid hardwood solution for commercial projects and discerning home owners.


14mm and 22mm

Commercial Rated Solid Hardwood
5” wide boards, 6’ in length | 20.34 sqft/box
T&G for glue/nail/staple or Floating CLIP installation

Junckers Solid Hardwood in White Oak

Available in:

Silverwood Flooring & Interiors | 356 Marlee Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6B 3H8 | Telephone: 416.923.8181  

Oak Pearl 3.0